My Christian Daily Jobs

My Christian Daily Jobs is the global job board of one of the world’s most popular Christian websites: Plus it’s free to list.

My Christian Daily Jobs is unique in that not only are we global, but we are local – all at the same time. If you live on the South Island of New Zealand, then you’re not interested in jobs in the UK. Similarly a Canadian resident will find it irrelevant searching for jobs in Australia. But because our search options are so local, My Christian Daily Jobs is truly a local global job board.

And one of the benefits of this is that with people moving at a greater rate than ever before, My Christian Daily Jobs makes it simple to just search for jobs in other regions or cities of the country in which you reside, or look at employment opportunities in other parts of the world. And in this day and age of social media, where the world is now a much smaller place, it’s also easy to share job openings with friends and Facebook acquaintances all over the world.

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